The Lockdown Music Video – a brilliant new phenomenon

Lockdown has changed many parts of our lives. As we look to ease ourselves in to the “new normal” many of the habits we’ve had to adapt look like they are here to stay.

I saw some research this week that stated that 2000 people were asked about changes lockdown has forced them to adopt that they’d like to keep in to the future. The top answers included meeting up with their friends on video calls, following online tutorial videos and the pub quiz now in your front room thanks to Zoom.

For me, one real standout element I’ve enjoyed is the lockdown music video.

While tours have been cancelled, or at least delayed in to the future, artists have become creative. Locked in their own spaces, yet still able to play as a band. Interacting with their fanbase, from their home to ours.

There are many examples of artists that have done this. Some on bigger scales to others. But I feel all that have tried should be commended for making the best of the situation and bringing us the lockdown music video.

The internet being as it is, and algorithms ruling our lives, once I saw my first lockdown music video was then bombarded with more to watch, and then more still.

But three really grabbed my attention that I wanted to share with you.

At this point, I should share the fact that one of my personal music passions is skater rock/pop punk (or whatever label you want to assign). The Internet knows this and so supplies me with such music. I’m not complaining at that.

Firstly, Blink-182. Early on in lockdown they got their fans together online and created a wonderful song for our lockdown times.

Blink 182’s fan assisted “Happy Days” lockdown video

The algorithms must also be thanks for bringing a Corona Collab in to my life.

I must be totally honest with you here and say that everyone featured in this video is brand new to me.  But I’ll be sure to check them out in the future.  This is a collaboration of artists from Half Past Two, Catbite, Bite Me Bambi, Mustard Plug and Skatune Network – I think I have them all there.

Lost Again

But, the video that has grabbed my attention the most is from California band Goldfinger.

Facebook first showed me this on Friday. As I write, it’s now Sunday.

This song has been on a loop in my studio ever since, and I must have accounted for at least 75+ views of the video in the last 48 hours alone.

How else could I end this blog, but with the video for “Spokesman”? Other than to say, there’s some bad language in the following video. So you press play fully in the knowledge that you’re ok with that… and, if you have a video that you know that fits the blog style, feel free to comment.

“Spokesman” by Goldfinger

While you’re here

If you enjoy this kind of music, then you should check out my DNA:anthems show. It’s a mix of guitar based tracks. You can listen in via the player below.

Episode 200 of DNA:anthems, created by Andy Lawson