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Wish FM – I have some news

Released: July 12th, 2020

This week has been one of farewells for a lot of us in the local radio industry. I am not going to lie, a tear or two have been shed. Changes are underway and today, it looks like I have hosted my final show on Wish FM.

I remember when Wish FM first launched. I was in my teenage years and just starting a media course at Oldham College. I told my tutor that I was going to be on Wish FM and little did he know that from that moment on, I was determined to do just that!

A few short years passed and I had taken a detour via MFM 103.4, in North Wales, and Buzz 97.1 in Wirral, before arriving at the doors of Wish FM.

My first appearance on the station was on The Evening Show. The year was 2001. I’ve been involved with the radio station ever since I first walked through those doors, nearly 20 years later.

During my time at Orrell Lodge, I have presented every show on the schedule. From 6 years in the afternoon, to Breakfast Shows and more sporting moments than any of us can recall.

Wish FM has been unique on its commitment to the local community. It serves the people of Wigan and St Helens in such a way that means that Wish FM is Wigan & St Helens.

I’m part of an amazing team here at Wish. A team that brought McFly to Wigan and Texas to St Helens. A team that heard Wigan Athletic go to the Premier League, and beat Man City in the FA Cup final. A team that brought King Street to the airwaves, with NRG at Jumpin’ Jacks (I was the DJ and host of those) and a team that never failed to celebrate the local rugby talent with many many Saints/Warriors derbies.

Through all of these wonderful times, there was you. You played the most important part. You listened. You spread the word and told others about us. You used Wish FM to promote your businesses. You shared our enjoyment and pride in Wigan and St. Helens. I hope during my time, we did you proud too.

Nobody knows exactly what the future will bring. But what I do know is that it will bring a huge sense of pride in what we achieved here at Wish FM; a warm smile at the number of friends that I have made through the station and the tools for me, and I hope many of my wonderful colleagues, to go on and succeed in whatever the next chapter of our lives will be.

To those who will have the honour of gracing 102.4FM in Wigan and St Helens in the future, I say this: I hope you feel the same immense pride to be on these airwaves that I have. I am sure the people of this area will take you into their hearts as they did with me and you will enjoy every moment.

Chris Milow, a very dear friend, will still be on breakfast from 6 o’clock on Monday morning. Continue to give him your support as he will be flying the flag for the area and still trying to convince you that Saints are the best team in the world.

To those who have been part of the Wish FM team: We did it. We’ve given the people in a wonderful part of the world a radio station that they, and we, can be proud of.

As for you, the people who listened: I thank you. From the bottom of my heart. I set out to be a Wish FM presenter in my youth and with your help and support, I managed it for nearly 20 years and for that I am truly grateful. Wigan and the people who live here will always be held dearly in my heart.

But for me, for now, my journey ends with Wish FM. Instead, you can find me on Imagine Radio each weekend from 8am. They are a great group of people and I’ll be on the air, welcoming the people of Wigan and St. Helens into their community.

You can listen on 104.9FM in South Manchester, DAB across the city and, wherever in the world you may be.

If you’re a business in Wigan and St Helens looking for a familiar Voiceover for your project, then you can also give me a call as I’d be honoured to work with you.

Thank you for listening Wigan and St Helens, I really will never forget you – and you’ll still see me around, probably getting a pie barm from Galloways or cheering on Latics!

Love to you, and best of luck in the life you choose.


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