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My New Breakfast Show!!!

I’ve been extremely lucky in my life.

I wanted to work in radio. I have done since I was a teenager.

I wanted to be on air. I’ve managed that too.

There is one thing that is still a first for me: Launching my own breakfast radio show. On January the 10th, I get to tick that off my bucket list! I’m so excited!!!

Monday to Friday, I’ll be on the air from 7am with a unique breakfast show. A show where I can match the music to your mood. You can listen t the show on Like One, Like Pop and Like Retro. Each radio station has it’s own unique musical character.

The consistent between them, is that you and I get to have some fun as the show will live across all 3!

This is a totally new and unique challenge for me. The prospect thrills me greatly. As does the prospect of spending my mornings with you!

The show will be available on Digital Radio in select areas (you may need to scan your radio). It’s available wherever you are via and the app.

I really hope you will join me on the show. I think we’ll have a lot of fun!

Listen to Like One here

Listen to Like Pop here

Listen to Like Retro here

Images from Like Radio Group. 9th January, 2022.


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