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Watch List - Annika

I was recently given a tip by my Mum and Dad. "Watch Annika" they said... or at least words to that effect. So, I did give it a go and I'm very glad I did.

Annika stars Nicola Walker (known for Spooks, Unforgotten, The Split) as DI Annika Strandhed. The complex and well-read lead of a new Marine Homicide Unit in Scotland. With her team, series 1 sees her solve a series of murders in and around the Scottish waterways.

As murder fuelled dramas go, I'd say this one is rather gentle. But don't the gentile nature dull the impact of some of the stories. Both when it comes to the murders themselves, but with the interplay between the characters.

So, as my mum and dad did to may, as I now do to you. I offer a tip; watch Annika.

Another reason I wish to flag up the programme to you is its haunting theme tune. You can listen to that in the below video.

The show was originally shown on the channel Alibi. See ways to watch it here. I watched the programme through September and October of 2021.

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