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Weekend Anthems - Track of the Weekend - 2021 10 01

Weekend Anthems is back on Fresh Radio this weekend!

I wanted to share this week's track of the weekend, and this time it's something new... Billy Da Kid x Selekio & Biscuit (UK) - Everytime.

You can hear this track and lots more on my Weekend Anthems show in the coming days!

Fresh Radio's Weekend Anthems will be back on the air on Friday from 10pm (9pm BST/4pm EDT) locallly and Saturday night from 9 (8pm BST/3pm EDT). You can listen in the Costa Blanca region of Spain on 97FM and 104FM. Globally, you can listen here (Link opens in a new tab).

If you want to get a flavour of what the show sounds like, below is a player featuring a previous edition.

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