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What you should do at 1:27pm each work day

Each weekday morning I’m back with the Like Breakfast show. The clip in this video is from that show.

I would love it if you wanted to be a part of the show. You’ve now heard the kind of topics and tips we talk about, and what you won’t know yet is just how much good music makes it on to the show.

Speaking of the music, the show comes with 3 different playlists each morning.

Like One – Be here for the biggest music from right now, and the best Anthems.

Like Pop – The station for you if you love pop music.

Like Retro – Where I bring the biggest hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

See more about Like via their website, including where you can hear the show on the radio and the link to listen wherever you are right now -

You can also get involved through the app.


While you're here, I thought I'd share a track with you that featured on Breakfast today.

On the Breakfast Show we get the Anthems on after 9 (if you're part of the show in the UK). This morning the Anthems featured this 90s track:

You should make sure you're with Like One tomorrow for more amazing music!

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