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Andy Lawson

Producer | Presenter | Voiceover

Hello! My name's Andy, and I'm going to make an assumption:  You're here because you're aware of my audio work.

So, with that in mind, I think you'll want me to cut to the chase.

Scroll down the page and you'll hear all my latest audio.  Plus, you'll find a contact form, should you wish to say "Hi" while you are here.

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Radio Audio

Voiceover Audio

What I Do

I am an experienced audio professional with over 20 years work in the commercial radio sector.  This has led me on to discover a passion for many other audio fields.




Playlist Curator

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Radio and podcast producer with recent work for Wigan Athletic and Radio Yorkshire.

Radio and podcast host currently heard on Pop DAB and Charitable Radio.

Accomplished British Voiceover talent with credits in broadcast commercial and "station sound".

Playlist and music curation services currently heard on Fresh Radio's Weekend Anthems.

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